Dr. Robert Saul

My Children's Children

Raising Young Citizens in the Age of Columbine

Dr. Saul deeply cares for all children. His advocacy on their behalf has led him to write this book for parents. We all need constant reminders about the optimal nurturing of children, and this book provides a multi-dimensional approach to parenting that is refreshingly new.

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All About Children

ALL ABOUT CHILDREN is a companion children’s book to MY CHILDREN’S CHILDREN: RAISING YOUNG CITIZENS IN THE AGE OF COLUMBINE. It is our intent to provide material that can be enjoyed at multiple levels. It can be enjoyed purely for the illustrations, which demonstrate activities that encourage parents and their children to do positive things that can improve lives and the life of their community. It can be enjoyed for the combination of words and pictures and the messages noted. It can be enjoyed as a picture book with wonderful images that can be searched for, identified, and discussed at times of joint discovery with parents and children alike.

All about Children cover

The message of MY CHILDREN’S CHILDREN: RAISING YOUNG CITIZENS IN THE AGE OF COLUMBINE is that each of us has a responsibility (as a citizen) to help each other and improve our community. As a guide for the work, the Five Steps to Community Improvement is proposed. The Five Steps are – 1) learn to be the best parent you can be, 2) get involved, 3) stay involved, 4) love for others, and 5) forgiveness.

By providing numerous examples for these steps in ALL ABOUT CHILDREN, it is hoped that parents, grandparents and other guardians will read the material and use the illustrations and discuss ways that each of us can work together to help each other. Key points are provided that suggest how the illustrations and the text can be used to provide additional messages to the children.

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