Dr. Robert Saul

My Children's Children

Raising Young Citizens in the Age of Columbine

Dr. Saul deeply cares for all children. His advocacy on their behalf has led him to write this book for parents. We all need constant reminders about the optimal nurturing of children, and this book provides a multi-dimensional approach to parenting that is refreshingly new.

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Meet the Author

Robert Saul Bob Saul was born in Chicago, IL and grew up in the Chicago area and later moved to Colorado. A graduate of Colorado College and the University of Colorado School of Medicine, he completed pediatric training at Duke University Medical Center and genetic training at the Greenwood Genetic Center. He is currently the Medical Director of General Pediatrics, Senior Medical Director of Medicaid Practices, and Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Greenville Health System and the University of South Carolina School of Medicine – Greenville, Greenville, SC.

He has two grown children, Bradley and Ben, and has been married to his wife, Jan, for over 25 years. He is shown above at the Columbine Memorial in 2009, ten years after the shootings. This is his first book.

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